Extension Activities


Training programmes For the IPM farmers selected under NISPM project two on campus and two off campus training programmes on Bt cotton production were organized by KVK Ahmednagar and the total package of practices on Bt cotton were delivered by the KVK scientists. These selected IPM farmers also shared their experiences as well as got clarified all their queries during these training programmes. Literatures of Bt cotton production technology were also distributed during these training programmes
Field demonstraions
A.Stem application technology After the sowing of Bt cotton was completed, the field demonstration of stem application was organized in the villages selected under NISPM project. In this demonstration farmers were demonstrated the stem application technology of systemic insecticide in Bt cotton in which imidacloprid 17.8% was used in1:20 dilution with water and applied on stem of Bt cotton after 30,45 and 60 days of crop growth stage. It proved highly effective not only in managing the sucking pests but also in minimizing the use of chemical pesticide.The farmers were highly convinced regarding this technology.
B.Installation of sticky traps and pheromone traps The field demonstrations were also conducted on installation of yellow as well as blue sticky traps for management of white flies and thrips whereas pheromone traps for monitoring the infestation of boll worms in Bt cotton. The concept of sticky traps has been strongly adopted by the Bt cotton growers and majority of them approached the KVK for supply of these traps.
Field visits and diagnostic visits The periodic field visits, group discussions and shivar pheri were undertaken for proper dissemination of IPM technology among the Bt cotton growers. The scientists of KVK regularly visited the Bt cotton fields under OPMAS project and discussed with the farmers about the crop management
Field Days - The field days were organized in the selected villages under OPMAS in order to show the difference between IPM and Non IPM plots and also to note the performance of various inputs used under IPM. Almost 100 farmers participated in field days. The scientists of KVK and representatives from department of agriculture were present for the field days.
Mass media - Articles on IPM technology in Bt cotton and success stories of IPM cotton were published in KVK magazine for proper dissemination of the technology in Bt cotton. Radio talks of KVK scientists and the progressive cotton IPM farmers were broadcasted through All India Radio Ahmednagar as well as CRS of KVK Ahmednagar