Water storage tanks renovation & micro irrigation increase water availability and use efficiency














Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar is implementing NICRA project in Nirmal Pimpri village in Rahata block of the Ahmednagar district. Village selected is comes under scarcity zone with 90 percent rainfed area. Major source of irrigation is open wells and bore wells. Ave. rainfall is very less i.e.400-450 mm and scattered (rainfall received in the year 2011 is only 272 mm). During rainy season, there is a runoff of rain water due to silt deposition in storage tanks/ structures. Similarly farmers are using available water to the crop by flow irrigation method. This cause in declining water level after month of Dec-Jan., during summer there is scarcity of water for agriculture. Therefore KVK has given major emphasis on natural resource management activity. KVK has decided to make intervention in increasing water storage and increase the water use efficiency of available water. During village meeting need of different interventions has been explained.

KVK has made intervention under natural resource management activities like renovation of water storage tanks/structure and installation of micro irrigation system for horticulture crops

During the year 2011-12 renovation of total 9 water storage tanks/structure has made by desilting of deposited soil and increase the water storage capacity. Similarly desilted fertile soil deposited in the farmers field having light soil or poor soil fertility.

Pomegranate is the new emerging horticulture crops of the village. Before intervention about 60 ha area is under this crop. Most of the farmers using flow irrigation system for irrigation. In order

to increase the area under horticulture crops with available water, KVK has made intervention of micro irrigation.   In convergence with state agriculture department, KVK has given 25 % subsidy besides 50 per cent subsidy of state agriculture department. Total benefit is given to the 25 farmers on 10 ha. area.


Outcome of the intervention

  •       Renovation of nine water storage tanks/structures increased water storage capacity by 49083cu.mtapproximatelyfivehundred lakh lit. water), help in increasing the water table.

  •       Total 129 open wells and 183 bore wells of surrounding area have been benefited due to this intervention.

  •       Increase the water level and available water up to month of March. This helps the  farmers to cultivate the rabi crops like onion, wheat, fodder under the seviour drought condition.      

  •       Soil deposited in the farmersí field helped in improving the soil fertility and productivity. It is observed that during kharif season 2011 yield level of these land is increased besides  improving water holding capacity

  •       Installation of drip irrigation system saves 30-40 per cent irrigation water. Hence with the limited available water during summer, farmers could able to survive their pomegranate crop. This micro irrigation promoted the farmers toward cultivation of pomegranate with available water. This year area under pomegranate has increase by 35-40 ha.