Up gradation of local goat by Osmanabadi buck























Animal husbandry is the major enterprise in the village. There are more than 1200 local goats with the farmers. Goat enterprise in mainly look after by women. Hence each family has goats. Kid mortality, less twinning percentage and less weight gain are the major problems observed in the village due to extreme climatic change mainly during summer. Kid mortality increased during summer due to heat stress. Hence KVK introduced Osmanabadi goat for up gradation of the local goats which is sturdy and having more twinning percentage. Under this project total 20 Osmanabadi bucks have been supplied to 20 families for up gradation of local goat.  These Osmanabadi bucks are using for servicing the local goats. Buck owner are charging fifty rupees for servicing of each local goat. More than 400 goats have conceived by these Osmanabadi bucks. Last two year data shows that kid mortality minimized in upgradard goat from 10 per cent to 5.1 percent (declined by 49 per cent). Average weight of upgraded goat increased by 0.72 kg within three month after birth (Kid weight at 3 month age of upgraded goat 8.02 kg, local goat 7.3 kg). Similarly twining per cent also increased by 0.22 percent (Twining percentage of kids of upgraded goat is 1.42 and local goat is 1.2).