Silage making - An alternative to green fodder during drought























Dairy is the major enterprise of the village Nirmal Pimpri and it supported farmers economic. Dairy management major constraint is availability of green fodder during summer. Due to water scarcity after Feb- March green fodder is not available in the village. After month of March farmers have been purchased green fodders like maize, lucern from neighboring villages. It is expensive but farmers have no alternative.

KVK has made intervention under NICRA activity by introducing the low cost silage making technology in the village during Feb- March.

Total ten units has established in the village under the project. Besides technology, KVK also supplied plastic paper to the farmers for silage preparation. Size of unit is 10x5x5 ft. of having capacity 2 tones. Sugarcane tops & maize fodder were used for silage making. Silage pits filled in month of Feb- March. After 45-60 days silage pit opened and used to dairy animal @10kg/day by mixing with dry fodder. One unit of silage supplied green and nutritious fodder to one animal for 5 -6 months.

Silage help to available green fodder during summers, animals feed dry fodder by mixing with silage and minimized the wastage of dry fodder. Similarly cost on green fodder saved by Rs 1670 / 2 tones.

Even though it is proven technology, but farmers were not adopted due to high cost of silage pit construction. Hence KVK made refinement by using plastic paper instead cement concrete construction. This easy and low cost technology increase farmers awareness and adoption. Silage making give best alternative to green fodder to the dairy farmers of drought area.