Introduction of improved poultry birds for backyard poultry












Rearing of local poultry in backyard by the farmwomen is one of the major income source for them.  Farmwomen have been rearing local poultry birds with lower body weight, which attained 1.2 to 1.4 kg live weight within six month and lay only 60-65 eggs per annum. There are 20-25 days pause of egg laying in four clutches in the year. The average mortality is 15-20 percent. The potential for higher income generation from backyard enterprise is well however due to conventional system they are getting very minimum return. Therefore KVK made effort to introduce the improved poultry strain Vanraja and Grampriya to enhance the productivity in backyard poultry.

     KVK supplied 500 birds of vanraja and grampriya each to the six families as parent flocks. Similarly incubator of 1000 eggs capacity is also making available to the farmers for egg hatching.   During six month Vanraja bird gained 2.6 kg weight whereas Grampriya bird gained average 2.4 kg weight. The eggs production of both breeds for six month was 72 to 75 eggs. Total 850 chicks of vanraja and grampriya have been sold to the farmers through the hatching unit. Similarly eggs of these breed were also sold in the village for natural hatching @ Rs. 6 per egg. Aim of intervention is to introduce these improved birds through parent flock and hatching unit in village. These breed increased the egg production by 2.5 times and weight gained by two times than local birds.