Introduction of Perennial Fodder crops





















Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar, Ahmednagar is implementing NICRA project in Nirmal Pimpri village which is rain fed village. Animal Husbandry is an important agro based enterprise for livelihood security of the farmers.  Due to water scarcity during the late rabi season and summer season, farmers are growing only regular sorghum crop for fodder purpose.  In this village more than 267 ha area during the kharif and rabi is made available for fodder crops.   The yield of rabi fodder depends on the rainfall and water availability.  Many times the growth of rabi sorghum is only 3 to 4 ft. height, immature crop drying due to water shortage. Similarly during summer they are purchasing fodder from neighboring villages.   Therefore, KVK introduced multicut fodder sorghum, perennial fodder Jayawant and rain fed fodder stylo. These demonstrations were conducted on 90 farmers field with 31.0 ha area.  KVK also organized field day to show the performance of the multicut fodder sorghum to the farmers. Farmers have appreciated and accepted multicut fodder sorghum as they can harvest the fodder up to availability of water with them.  After drying of this crop also they can use it as dried fodder.   Perennial fodder Jaywant could be sustained under drought condition during summer and give green fodder. Similarly its palatability is also good.  Introduction of different fodder crops increases the availability of green and dried fodder to the milch animal for the maximum period.  Due to this intervention some farmers are now planning to expand their dairy enterprise.  For this purpose, loose housing system of dairy with chaff cutters and advanced techniques will be adopted at their dairy unit   Through NICRA project we are providing the support to such system so that integrated farming system model can be developed to demonstrate other farmers in the village.