Intervention made to cope the climate vulnerability



       Natural Resource Management 

                      Renovations and desilting of water storage tanks & KT weirs to increase storage capacity  
                      Recycling of organic waste by vermicompost production
                      Installation of biogas to utilize the available resources
                      Installation of micro irrigation to the fruits crops to improve the WUE
                      Tree plantation to maintain the nature balance
                      Soil test based village fertility index


        Crop Production Technologies   


      Livestock Management 


         Institutional intervention

         Custom  hiring of farm implements



          Trainings to the farmers & farm women

          Crop demonstrations in farmers field

          Livestock managements demonstrations

          Exposures visits to create awareness & increase adoption

          Field days

          Circulates literatures & books

          Mobile SMS advisory services to the farmers

          Availability of seedlings of pomegranate & drumsticks