Human Resource Development for CRS


The success of the Community Radio depends on the involvement and participation of the local community.  Therefore, it was decided that the programme production and broadcasting will be done by the local people as they are well aware about the problems, issues, culture and needs of the community.   During the period of establishment of the infrastructure

and facilities, KVK was able to conduct the course for the local youths so that they can develop and broadcast the programme.  The course schedule of 15 days duration was developed by KVK while considering the need and the programme content of the CRS.  First course on Radio Jockey was conducted from 4th May to 19th May 2009 where total 41 participants from six tehsils of the district have participated.   All these participants were from the local area i.e. within the radius of CRS coverage areas.   The course was focused on communication skill, personality development, script writing, announcements, conduct of interviews, editing, mixing and handling of the various gadgets and equipments of the CRS.   This course was fully practical oriented so that necessary skills could be imparted to them.   During the course they were given assignments based on which final evaluation was conducted for all the trainees.  Total seven persons are working in the Radio Center.

            Instead of employing them as a regular staff in the CRS, they were hired on professionals on free lance basis so that the programme production and broadcasting can be done based on CRS demand as well as suitability of their time. They have been appointed as authorized representative of the CRS.   Similarly for announcements also, they are given 8 to 10 duties in a month so that they can get sufficient time to go in the field and record the programme.  Due to this participatory community information system, these representatives are getting variety of the information.  Every representative is provided with a recorder for recording in the field.  Similarly based on the information collected from the village, they are also developing an interactive as well as dramatic programmes for broadcasting.  Editing and mixing work is done in the studio where computers along with necessary software are made available.  Every staff is being given monthly target of programmes according to which they are producing programme formats for broadcasting.  The advisory coordination committee of CRS is doing quarterly planning in advance for the selection of topics, related issues and the area to be covered.  The CRS representatives are developing the content based on the suggestions of the advisory and coordination committee.