Widly Adopted Technologies


Sugarcane Trash Management
Dence Planting in Cotton
Effective Management of Onion Thrips trough Karanjin
Weed Management in Onion
Fertigation and Foliar Feeding Technique
Guava Meadow Orchard Cultivation
Commercial Drumstick Cultivation
Plant Tissue Analysis Based Nutrient Management
Pomegranate Water Management
Pomegranate Orchard Management
Techniques for Banana Bunch Management
Shoot and Fruit Borer Management in Brinjal by Water traps
Fruit Fly Management in Water Melon by Rakshak Traps
Sticky Traps Proved Effective in Managing Sucking Pests on Okra
Vermicompost Production
Spirulina Production and Processing Techniques
Improved Fodder Production
Fodder Preservation through Silage
Azola Production for Animal Feed
Loose Housing System in Dairy
Stallfed Goat Rearing
Backyard Poutry Farming