Based on the local needs, issues and problems after implementation of various activities, experience of KVKs scientist, book/booklets were printed by KVK.  These books are total practical oriented with simple farmer friendly language due to which these books/booklets are getting very good response
            Organic farming book was written in 1995 which is very widely appreciated throughout Maharashtra. Sustainable Sugarcane Production, Spirulina Production, Onion Production, Pomegranate Cultivation, Cotton Cultivation and Loose Housing of Dairy are some of the important books published by KVK.  These are sold with a very meager charge from KVK Service Center.  Agriculture Technology book is also published to give the technologies in short of all the major commodities in the district.   


Based on the programme implementation and its impact KVK has developed bulletins on various topics like KVK Pravara Community Radio, Technology Backstopping through Inputs & Services, Sugarcane Development Programme, Group Dynamics, Organic farming, ACAB Couse, Vocational Courses for self employment generation, outreach of KVK in the district through different concepts etc. This helped to document the process part of the innovative concepts and showcase the impact of the technologies.


As computer awareness is increasing among the farmers. CDs are an important toodl through which one can easily understand the subject.  Keeping this in view, KVK has developed CDs on different subjects where response from farmers is very good.  The topics like crop production (Krishi Gyan), Entrepreneurship Development (Krishi Udyojak), Organic Farming (Sendriya Sheti) are power point based CDs for technology access.  Similarly VCDs on Spirulina production, Cotton production, Organic farming, Loose Housing of dairy are developed. There are also 16 audio CDs of different crops and concepts